Under Re-Development

Slowly and over time I expect to re-populate my site with a new focus. I intend to focus .NET development using C# and VB and integration of databases using T-SQL in a Visual Studio environment. The old site's subscription ended Christmas 2015 after 6 years and I decided to move to another provider that supports ASP.NET and Microsoft's SQL Server databases. Over the early months of 2016 I hope to apply a new theme as I have abandoned WordPress for Orchard CMS. 

Apologies to the few using the old site but due to requests I intend to re-introduce some of the older tutorials for Flash Professional (using ActionScript 3). It was always my hope to take these a step further to use Flash Builder for the code, but alas this has not come to fruition. Additionally I have a mobile version of the Space Shooter that was never published as a tutorial but I may be able to release some of the files for others to play with.

As the site takes form I will ensure this home page reflects the changes and directs you to the resources, new and old alike.


Mark Bennison
Lecturer of Computer Science
(views are my own)